Sports massage

Massage based treatment is used to treat a particular injury or long-term problem that has occurred through sport, exercise or other activity.


As a qualified sports therapist I use sports massage to help those involved in sport or other activity to help maintain optimum fitness and reduce time taken out through injury.
Where sports injuries do occur I help in the recover and healing process of the soft-tissues.
Sports massage is also useful in treating more chronic problems like back and shoulder stiffness.


Where appropriate I always encourage the client to help their own healing and rehabilitation through stretching, rest or exercises. I will always examine and treat the structures surrounding the presenting injury or problem to help reduce and relieve any muscular imbalances or secondary injuries developing.

Treatments are available from my home treatment room or I offer a convenient mobile service

Evening appointments are available to help those that are working in the daytime

Dover based, I also cover Deal, Folkestone, Hythe and villages towards Canterbury

If you are a visitor to Dover or passing through, I can arrange an appointment

I also have contacts with colleagues covering a range of other therapies, should you need referral