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Indian Head Massage

 A seated treatment of the head, shoulders and neck that relaxes tension and stimulates circulation.


Originating in India as it name suggests and also known as champissage, Indian head massage is great for those who hold tension in the neck and head area and prefer to remain clothed and seated for a treatment.


The areas treated are the top and back of the shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp and face. There are also energy balancing moves that work on the upper three chakras in particular.


If you have a tendency to suffer from tension headaches, sinus problems or spend a lot of time in front of a screen  or at a desk and feel that your shoulders are always to raised up, then an Indian head massage could be of great benefit to you.

Treatments are available from my home treatment room or I offer a convenient mobile service

Evening appointments are available to help those that are working in the daytime

Dover based, I also cover Deal, Folkestone, Hythe and villages towards Canterbury

If you are a visitor to Dover or passing through, I can arrange an appointment

I also have contacts with colleagues covering a range of other therapies, should you need referral