Massage therapy

Massage based treatment is used to treat a particular injury or long-term problem that has occurred through sport, exercise or other activity.


It may also be used to help correct imbalances that have developed through poor technique, posture problems or compensation for previous injuries. These may uncover the need to work back through a series of reactions to the original injury, which may have been untreated at the time. Understandably this may take a few sessions.


Where appropriate I always encourage the client to help their own healing and rehabilitation through stretching, rest or exercises. I will always examine and treat the structures surrounding the presenting injury or problem to help reduce and relieve any muscular imbalances or secondary injuries developing.


Sports massage can also be used as a preventative treatment to help recovery between training sessions and help stop soft-tissue problems developing.


NAT Licensed practitioner for the treatment of frozen shoulder symptoms. (Niel Asher Technique)


Deep Soft-Tissue Massage
Deep soft-tissue massage uses the knowledge of anatomy and physiology gained from sports therapy combined with Swedish massage movements to relieve tension and pain held deep within the muscles,available as a back or full body treatment.


There are natural healers around the world, who can receive and give out earth and universal healing energies.

Reiki is a Japanese developed method of this healing. Practitioners are attuned to these healing energies. Reiki helps activate a person’s ability to be healed and balanced.

This calms or raises energy according to need Energy is channelled to the client through the hands of the practitioner. A Session usually last about an hour.

Other Therapies

Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage treats the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, head and face. It is very effective at reducing tension, which is often concentrated in these areas. It also helps alleviate many other problems, such as sinusitis and headaches.

Bach Flower Remedies

The essences of 38 plant remedies are used in combination in water to be taken on the tongue. They have a powerful, but gentle effect on negative emotional and mental states.

These have been safely and effectively used since the 1930's. A consultation helps to unravel the layers and gets to the heart of the problem. The patient is encouraged to be pro-active in this process. Jeff is a registered Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner.


Treatments are available from my home treatment room or I offer a convenient mobile service

Evening appointments are available to help those that are working in the daytime

Dover based, I also cover Deal, Folkestone, Hythe and villages towards Canterbury

If you are a visitor to Dover or passing through, I can arrange an appointment

I also have contacts with colleagues covering a range of other therapies, should you need referral