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Bach flower remedies

 A consultation based session in which we explore any imbalances in emotions and state of mind and agree a selection of remedies to help restore balance. 


The Bach flower remedies were discovered by Dr Bach in the 1930's  and have been helping people ever since. The picked flowers are left in spring water in sunlight for several hours and the treated water is used as the basis for the remedies.


There are 38 remedies which cover a range of states from shock, terror, fear and anxiety to lack of confidence, excess guilt and many more. They are safe to use with any medication. A consultation allows you the space to realise any imbalances that you might be affected by at this time. At the end of a consultation a 30ml treatment bottle is made up containing 2 drops of each chosen remedy.

The remedies gently enable you to feel the positive side of each state. So for example if you take mimulus for a particular fear you will gain more courage when facing that in the future.

I have been a registered Bach flower practitioner for around 10 years.


For more information on individual remedies visit my facebook page.

Treatments are available from my home treatment room or I offer a convenient mobile service

Evening appointments are available to help those that are working in the daytime

Dover based, I also cover Deal, Folkestone, Hythe and villages towards Canterbury

If you are a visitor to Dover or passing through, I can arrange an appointment

I also have contacts with colleagues covering a range of other therapies, should you need referral